Emulator selection

Hi Andres, Is it possible to select an emulator in the PDE instead of the default one or this can only be done in AS? I also notice that the emulator never shows up under the device listing in the PDE menu Android>>Devices, even if I start the emulator from the CLI. Right now I have a two emulators, processing-phone and a Nexus_5X_API_25.

For documentation, the way to run the sketch in the default emulator in Processing is to go to sketch>>Run in Emulator.


No at this moment you cannot select the emulator from the PDE. You can launch another emulator from the CLI, and as long as it uses either the ports 5566 (phone) or 5576 (watch) then Processing will install the sketches on in instead. This online chapter has more info on how to customize the emulator. Having the option to select the emulator from the PDE could be a future enhancement.

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