The old forum does not clearly link to the new one

If you have bookmarked the old forum:

you may never notice that there’s a new one. I know at least one case.

The old forum shows this text which is not very visible:

Howdy, Stranger! We are about to switch to a new forum software. Until then we have removed the registration on this forum.

I believe it would be good to have a very visible banner at the top with something like

This forum is now read only. Join the new forum at


The old forum isn’t currently read-only – @Chrisir has been pointing people here when they make new posts.

A banner on the old forum as you suggest is a good idea – I’m not sure who has access to make those changes on the old forum – @fjenett or @lmccart might know.

Ah I assumed it was read-only because creating new accounts is disabled and I thought posting was also disabled.

I think the current setup is allowing low frequency users with active accounts to be caught and redirected when they revisit old problems – or just when they revisit anything at all.

But a big banner would really help.

Ouch, yes. I’m behind again with my duties … need to lock it down finally.

Removed all permissions from normal users for now … can only view the site.

Is it hard to change the CSS? This would hide the login buttons:

.SignInPopup, .Box.GuestBox {
	display: none;

And this

.LogoImg::after {
	content: "Find the new forum at";
	color: #0c2033;
	background-color: #FE6CE3;
	margin-left: 40px;
	padding: 5px;

would do this:

But editing the html would be better than injecting non clickable text.