Cant video or image

Hello ım tryn to learn anroid mode but i cant add video or image to my sketch something wrong but i have no idea whats happening HERE IS MY CODE

PImage img;
void setup() {

void draw() {



I am not sure, I am also a beginner, but I would use setUp() function and write img=loadImage(“data/bg20.jpg”); in it

Try: img=loadImage(“bg20.jpg”);

i did try both but keep sending this : sketch has stopped working maybe i can import something about anroid video or image?

No imports are nescessary. Just having the file in the data folder is enough. Should work. Try another image. Is the file name exactly the same? What Android version has your phone?

6.0 anroid version i have in my phone

@clay21 === loadImage() works (used like @noel said); either a problem with your image (i dont think so but…) or with permissions (with MM if needed they are asked on runtime) or with the folder where you put your image. As for video it is another story and open a new post for this topic (and begin to search the forum or the @noel repo.)