loadImage of android mode in android studio

I am developing processing android app in android studio, but I can’t load image from loadImage().
I wrote below codes and enabled permission “WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE”, “READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE”.
I understood that I have to put in the specified directory from the error message, but It didn’t work though I put it in there.

below codes are shown. please, tell me how to fix.
thank you.

(I can’t speak in English well, so I might make mistakes upper sentence. I’m sorry in advance m(_ _)m )

package com.example.android2_0_1;

import processing.core.PApplet;
import processing.core.PImage;

public class Sketch extends PApplet {
    private PImage picTimeConstants;
    private KetaiAudioInput mic;
    public void settings()

    public void setup()
        image(picTimeConstants,0,0,500,500);  //error! picTimeConstants is null.

    public void draw()

@T-matsumoto ===
as for now where have you put your image???

Your image “a.jpg” must be inside the data folder. Where is the data folder?

Open your sketch in Processing. If you are in Windows, press ctrl+k to open your sketch folder. If you do not see the “data” folder there, create one and put the image inside this folder. Both Processing Java and android should look for resource files at this location.

However, I notice you are running this sketch in Android studio. The format of your class is not proper for an Android Processing project. I suggest you get this sketch above running in Processing Java first. Then you switch to Android mode and check that it works there as well. Last, you can export your app by hitting “Export application”. This will generate all the files needed to run your application in IntelliJ. Then, you can open IntelliJ and “open project” and search for the export folder within your sketch folder. IntelliJ should be able to recognize it and launch it for you.