Adding images to android sketch

Recently I have started to work on a processing game that I want to try on android, the only problem is that I started in java mode and switched to android later, so now whenever I call an image it would give me an error. I added dataPath("") but that only gave me another error, I am not very well familiarized with the android mode so any help would be greatly appreciated! Here is my code for declaring images below.

void setup(){
  heart1 = loadImage(dataPath("")+"heart-UP.png");
  heart2 = loadImage(dataPath("")+"heart-UP.png");
  heart3 = loadImage(dataPath("")+"heart-UP.png");
  restart = loadImage("Restart-UP(1).png");
  mute = loadImage(dataPath("")+"mute-OFF.png");
  music = new SoundFile(this, "4RunSong.wav");

Also, the error I kept on getting after I added dataPath("") was:
java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: File /data/user/0/processing.test.ranjan_4run/filesheart-UP.png contains a path separator

first question would be, where are your files?
in the


dir or in the


dir what would be good style ( for java and export … possibly for andriod mode also )

I think you should add the "heart-UP.png" in the dataPath("") function.(as your error says:- /data/user/0/processing.test.ranjan_4run/file**sh**eart-UP.png the sh are not seperated by "/"

@Asra === this error is a very common one: look inside the forum and you can find the way to solve it…

Just a note I found a solution but it was around 2 years ago so I have forgotten it, thank you for trying to help me but I have already finished the project that this was for

please use the forum search function, this question has been explained in detail.