Can't see display window on screen unless I have it in fullScreen()

I’ve come back to some code after awhile away from it. It had been working up until now. But now when I run it, it shows that it is running but I cannot see it on my screen, I have a println(frameCount) to confirm that it is running. When I run in fullScreen() mode, I can see the sketch, but otherwise it is nowhere to be seen. I tried setLocation() but that didn’t help. I have one external monitor hooked up. Unfortunately I can’t share the code (I wish I could! Sorry!). I know it’s not helpful without the code, but wondering if anyone has run into this, I just wonder if it somehow defaulted to offscreen with some external monitor wackiness. I’ve restarted processing, I saved the sketch as a new sketch, I’ve restarted my computer. I haven’t reinstalled processing yet (4.0b8 fwiw), but may try that. Any other thoughts would be appreciated, thank you.

Welp, I answered my own question. I downloaded the latest version and I’m good to go. Feel free to delete this thread.