Issue with fullScreen()

I have encountered a problem when using fullScreen().

For testing I have been given a small projector 800x600 connected to my Mac via thunderbolt to VGA adapter. I can see my second monitor projected, I can mouse over it, drag windows onto it etc.

When I launch my code with fullScreen(); in the setup, the code always run on my laptop screen, no matter what.
In the Preferences, I have changed “Run sketches on display” to my 800x600 screen.
I have tried fullScreen(1); and fullScreen(2);

The code always run on my laptop screen, at 800x600, or 1440x900 (my laptop screen resolution), depending on fullScreen(1); or fullScreen(2); but never runs on the second monitor.

Has anyone encountered a similar problem? Am I missing something?
Anything I should check crosscheck?

Any hint would be helpful.

I have look up several forums, and looked up Processing reference pages.
I am using a MacBook Air 2015 OSX El Capitan, with Processing 3, version 3.3.6.


You need to specify the renderer and the display based on the documentation.


Thanks Kf.

I have just tried:

fullscreen on second monitor seems to work for those sketches that don’t specify a particular renderer i.e fullScreen(1);

but seems to not work properly for other sketches where I do specify a renderer, i.e. fullScreen(P3D, 1); or fullScreen(P2D, 1);

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I have also encountered this problem in P4.
fullScreen() always loads on display 1 regardless of render specification or monitor # selected.