Size() ignored and window goes full screen

Hi, I just installed P3 on my desktop, which has two monitors, when running a sketch, my own or an example, the sketch is displayed larger than full screen, I can’t even view the content.

Processing 2 works fine.

Why is it doing this and what is the fix? I didn’t see any solutions when searching

OSX 10.11.6

What have you tried?

size (600,400, P2D);

Just the regular size(600,400);

Adding P2D doesn’t change anything, still goes full screen

I am sorry, I am not familiar with OS X.

In Win I’d say update your graphics driver.

Did you try size(600,400,JAVA2D);

Same issue, I’ll try on my laptop and see if it’s related to this one machine.

can you toggle between full size mode of a window and normal size mode?

There is something like this in Windows

Try disconnecting the second monitor and see what happens. Also goto System Preferences and look at the settings for your dual screen setup, it might be it is trying to use both monitors as a continuous desktop,

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I’m having this same issue. I’m running a very basic program with the window size specified as 400x120 and when I run the sketch, it opens a window that spans the full resolution of both of my monitors. This is the basic sketch I’m running:

void setup() {
size(400, 120);

void draw() {
if (mousePressed) {
} else {
ellipse(mouseX, mouseY, 80, 80);

I tried the suggestions previously mentioned and none of them worked. Has anyone found a solution to this?

i am having the same issue on processing on both windows and mac . i used the latest 3.5.4. It simply wont take any size command… Even the default example files run in full screen … Really terrible . Anyone have this issue solved? both work fine with 2.2.1

system 1: win 10 gtx 1660 corei5 processing 3.5.4
system 2: macbook pro

ok found a weird way to fix it. :slight_smile:
remove the size command and run any sketch. it will default to 100,100
then add a size command and rerun the sketch… bingo now it sizes the windows to all the sketches run after this