Exported Processing applications won't run fullScreen() on 2nd display. Mac


I am using a Mac powerbook running OS 10.13.6 and Processing 3. I am trying to get my Processing sketches, plus exported applications, running on a external monitor, and eventually a projector connected to my computer.

I have tried dragging the Processing sketches that I exported as apps to the 2nd monitor and opening them there, and opening Processing sketches on the 2nd display, but they always open on my primary monitor.

If I run the sketch, or application, not as full screen it will open and run on the 2nd display. If I do it as full screen it will only run on the primary display. I have tried messing with the Processing preferences, where you can choose display 1 or 2 and that doesn’t change anything. I also tried messing around with the mac system display preferences.

I also looked at this post, which doesn’t really help much:

Any suggestions? Ideally I want my processing sketches to run full screen on a 2nd display.

thank you.


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Did you try fullScreen(2) as per the reference page?


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@jeremydouglass oh man I feel so dumb for not looking at the reference page. I was searching the forum and google and didn’t think it could have anything to do with fullScreen().

Anyway, yes this works! you just saved my day.

Thank You. Nick

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