Cant change SDK location

I have no idea what I am doing, and failed to manually install my ‘SDK’ correctly, (or maybe the chosen ‘path’ I used was not right) and now I have to change my ‘path’ to my ‘SDK’
dose anyone know how to change this? or barring that know how to use the ‘download SDK automatically’ that is suppose to work, but just dose nothing back when I could click on it (cant click on it now, as I cant make that popup appear.)?

i have tried uninstalling processing, and tried uninstalling pacific modules, and even went on a little ‘hunt’ to try and find all my processing files on my PC to try and remove then (so I could start clean), however I have not ben able to get my ‘path’ to reset (so I could enter a new one).

so… did i post this in the wrong form or something? or is this something so obvious that everyone in the world feels no need to answer?

There are many topics about this. Maybe this one can help.