APDE libraries update


after reading topics over the net i found that some libraries in old versions of APDE work and on newer releases of APDE not working

my question how to enable libraries to run on the latest APDE

thanks in advance

for instance this is some kind of problems with grafica library but the issuer solve it how to fix other libraries which could suffer other kind issue of grafica library

Hi, I think I solved the problem with the android mode. I built version 1.8.0 of grafica with java8. Version 1.9.0 uses java7 and the problem seems to be gone.

Simply remove the grafica library using the contribution manager, and install it again.

I’m going to attempt trying to dex the jar files.

I had to sign up to oracle to download jdk java se 16, aparently this is the only way to dex jar files.

dx --dex --output="c:\temp\app.apk" "c:\temp\in.jar"

this fails in cmd without jdk.

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seems like we would need to use android studio to repackage the library files as dex files. APDE does have the option but I cannot get it to work and I currently am searching through google trying to find info on dex files. The process seems straight forward but I dont have a lot of experience with cmd, I’ll give it a go later, I’ve been up all night finishing the last bit, I’ll come back to this after a nap.

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Based on the references listed above, the following source code will create a .dex file from a .jar file on a Mac (run in Java mode):

void setup() {
  size(400, 200);

void draw() { 
  text("Click here to create dex.", 20, 30, 300, 60);

void mousePressed() {
 String[] args = {"/Users/yourName/Library/Android/sdk/build-tools/30.0.3/dx","--dex","--output=/Users/yourName/fileFolder/FileName.dex","/Users/yourName/fileFolder/FileName.jar"};

In order to run the code you will need to substitute the name of your home directory where ‘yourName’ appears and insert your file’s name for ‘FileName’. The first ‘fileFolder’ is where you want the output .dex file to go and the second ‘fileFolder’ is where the .jar file is located.

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