ADPE Install and Import Library

Ok… Just wanna make a few sine waves out of floats entirely on my phone. It took me months to figure out I had to being desktop mode to download the zip file from github. Now there’s the feature under “tools” in ADPE were I should be able to install the library from the zip file and it does nothing but being me to my home screen or whatever. There is no file for “libraries” in either ”/storage/emulated/0/android/data/com.calsignlabs.adpe/files” or “/storage/emulated/0/scketchbook” so I’m assuming I need to make one. I’m going to put it in com.calsign/files/Libraries… Does it need to be “libraries”? This is rediculous.

Please see

APDE USB / OTG communication

This is the path where your library should be

Each version of APDE has way to import library the easiest one 5.2 release

For version 5.1 use @paulgoux link