Processing sound library not working after exporting APDE(processing android)

I made a sketch using processing sound library and it worked fine until I used the sketch previewer that comes with APDE but after exporting it, It didn’t worked.
Thanks in advance!!

There have been many issues (from reading forum posts) with the default processing library, might wanna try an alternative like minim. I know it might not be the solution you are asking for, but truth is changes in the library are slow to implement.

@paulgoux === minim does not work with android
@Why_I_Use_Processing === can you explain better what you have done? What does mean “after exporting”? I know nothing about APDE but with android P5 mode exporting isused for importing the code into AS where assets and rsrces have to be added.

I actually worked in my previous sketch, even after exporting.
But not in this one…
It’s kind wierd finding my sketch work fine with the sketch previewer but not after exporting it.
All the sound effects that I added just disappeared after export…

Aah, I’m out then, I have yet to apply my coding to android yet, and as it something I actually want to do this is slightly concerning. I initially thought the benefit to processing was its java backbone, and therefore its cross nature platform and was hoping the program I’m currently writing would easily port over

@Why_I_Use_Processing ===
Sorry i continue to not understand why you mean by “exporting”; i t s probably something specific to APDE; as for android p5 mode you can install (debug or release and signed) and you can export the compiled code for using it with AS.

Hey!!, I found the solution to this extremely weird problem.
It must be some problem with processing sound library.
I just moved the loading of sound files to the draw…
I worked like this:-
if (soundFile == null){
SoundFile soundFile = new SoundFile(this,“abcd.aiff”);

Thanks for your response!!

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