Playing sounds without library

Hi, I’m on a project on Processing and Processing for Android doesn’t work so I paste the code in APDE and the libraries doesn’t work in APDE so I search a solution for having sound in Processing (and APDE) without library. Do you know how can I do? Thanks for your answers!

Hi @theomine11
What library are you using in Processing java that doesn’t work in APDE?

I want to use Processing Sound but it doesn’t work… (Sorry, I’m probably in the wrong forum because APDE has his own forum)

No, the forum for APDE is actually this one.
APDE uses the same Processing for Android core.
I will look into the sound library, it probably needs to be dexed.
Does the cassette library not suited for you?

Okay, I didn’t tried the cassette library, I will try it.

The problem is that I can’t import a library in APDE…

Just unzip the folder into the Sketchbook/libraries folder
If there isn’t a folder named ‘libraries’ yet, then create one.
Make sure there isn’t another folder wrapped around the cassette folder. (some zip apps create an extra)
After this, you can access the library examples.

Okay, thank you! I will try it