Processing Fellowships for 2023

The Processing Foundation is currently accepting applications for the 2023 Fellowship Program.

Apply here:

The Processing Foundation Fellowship program supports artists, designers, activists, educators, engineers, researchers, coders, and collectives — and many combinations of these — in projects that conceive new directions for our softwares, our community, and open source software for artists. Fellowships are an essential element of our foundation’s work in developing tools of community power, connection, stewardship and in nurturing the aims/needs of the people and communities who use our software.

Fellowships are self-initiated projects proposed by members of our community, which we support with mentorship, infrastructural, technical, and practical resources as well as community connections. Fellowship projects can range from development of the existing Processing software projects and related Processing projects (Processing, p5.js,, Processing for Android, ml5.js), to creative and exploratory research for new iterations. We are interested in supporting work by fellows that connect groups — be they students and educators, creators, artists, activists and organizers.

We are open to applicants from all backgrounds and skill levels, and support proposals that center investigations, experiments, and learning. We are attentive to proposals that demonstrate enthusiasm and the evolution of a fellow’s practice rather than their pre-existing technical skills.

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