Looking for contributors for ‘marketing’ (awareness-building) project for non-profit in the medical field

I’m looking for contributors for a ‘marketing’ project for a non-profit in the medical field. Sorry it’s unpaid, the non-profit doesn’t believe this deserves funding (at least currently, maybe we can convince them if our efforts have significant effect).

This NFP is Folding@home, a group of researchers looking to disrupt ‘Big Pharma’, and provide hopefully more equitable vaccine access (unlike the COVAX scheme that was hijacked when push came to shove).

Looking to use Processing to design some content to be laser printed onto steel (square shaped at this stage). This steel will fit into a computer case that is custom-made of wood, allowing variation of design parameters. The case will hold a parallised GPU-heavy computer to run molecular dynamics computations.

Any questions, feel free to shoot them thru. Or even better, shoot thru any creative ideas on how to make text ‘content’ really emotive.

I’ve prototyped the following content:

This computer researchers new therapeutics for diseases that kill people.

Proteins’ shape evolution is predicted using mathematical modelling. Research directed by Folding@home. Mathamatical computation done by us. Positive health outcomes for not just the rich.


Hi @nchowlett,

Are you affiliated with the Folding@home group or is it a personal project that you want to propose to the community?

I’m not affiliated with the researchers besides giving them computational time on my hardware. In other words, it’s a user-driven project aiming to bring awareness to F@h. I’m not a typical researcher (at a university).

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