Any experience with yFiles

I want to try out yFiles. It is a software library with which I should be able to create state diagrams with custom features. I am not going to do html and I am not going to do .NET. I can download yFiles library for javaFX and for java Swing 3.3. I must inform you that I have no clue whatever the difference is between swing and FX. From what I understand I must have the swing version.

I was wondering if anybody here has experience with using yFiles in combination with processing. I am a bit puzzeled with how to use the library.

Also can processing run .java files. I’ve unsuccesful with this so far.

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Yes, Processing PDE sketches can access .java files – although the code in them is written differently and accessed differently than .pde files.

However, if you want to use yFiles you will probably need to switch from PDE to Eclipse and develop your project in Java, using Processing as a library.

Is your goal to get the yFiles visual output in a Processing window? In a separate window? Saved as graphics output – or just to use the yFiles data structures?

I should also mention that in the past I have used graphstream –

import org.graphstream.graph.Graph;
import org.graphstream.algorithm.Toolkit.GraphUtils;

…for graph-based data processing in Processing Java Mode – although not for display, just for network data, and using Graphviz as a renderer. However if your goal is to attach properties to edges and nodes then GraphStream should work well for you.