GSOC 2019 - Idea for a new Library

I am thinking of making Library for Processing for algorithms and data structure visualization.
The main aim will be to show array, graphs, etc in an interactive matter at every step of the algorithm with some text description for a better understanding of the process. It is helpful for both teachers and students.
I just wanna know if it’s something Processing need or not. I have made a sample of it
It’s pretty bad tho but it’s just to show what I planned to do


Interesting topic!

It looks like you are more interested in graphs / tree diagrams / network diagrams, is that right?

Two commonly used graphing libraries for Processing (the default Java mode) are grafica and giCentre

They focus on dot plots and bar charts. You might be interested in looking at how they approach data, and how that might influence your approach – or if you would be thinking about contributing to or extending what they do.

I have some Processing-based utilities that do graph based data manipulation and rendering. Currently they use the GraphStream library, which is not Processing specific – although there are other Java graphing libraries.

I believe that there is also a very old demo viewer for GraphStream for Processing 2