Looking for a library to make tree plots



Do you know if there’s a Processing library to make node-based tree graphs (other than the correlation library that is unfortunaltely not P3 compatible) ?



Have you already tried to contact them by e-mail or Facebook for its source code? :pleading_face:


No, I did not. Should I ?


There’s a high probability that converting that library to Processing 3.4 would be just some little fixes here and there. Nothing too complicated! :innocent:

So it’s worth a try to get ahold of the source code IMO. :joy_cat:


I see. But I guess it would be more about requesting permission rather than asking for the source code since we already have the possibility to access it (with a Java decompiler like JD-GUI for instance). Right ?


W/ a decompiler, everything would be a mess, b/c all labels for variables, methods, etc. would be lost! :nauseated_face:


Ok, I’ll give it a shot (contacting them).