X64 single board computer for running Processing?

tl:dr: Asking for tips or opinions for an SBC (single board computer) other than Raspberry Pi for running Processing (Java).

I have this one long running project where i have a rpi 4 running some graphics on a crt display, which i refine every now and then.

I seem to bump into all sorts of problems with the setup every time i try something new, and it often seems to be due to the lack of support for the arm architecture, especially on the 64bit OS on rpi 4. Most recently, trying to handle video files turned out to be practically impossible to run smoothly on the system. I’ve spent countless of hours on the internet, trying to figure out some system level quirks to get some parts of my code to even work.

So, i’m thinking here, maybe there’s some hardware that could run the much more supported x64 versions of Processing. Obviously aleady googled for those, and understood there are probably things like that in the market. However, i’d be curious to hear if someone else has any experience with those.

My only requirements are that it has enough cpu or gpu power comparable to rpi4 or better, and that it is small enough to be kind of “concealable” alongside the crt monitor, (which is the reason for SBC in general, instead of just having a large pc tower alongside the monitor). A huge bonus would be to have a composite video output.

So, any ideas? Similar experiences?