Writing a script to setup dylibs

I have a library that i’m using which needs a specific dylib and a some symlinks installed /usr/local/lib/

I want to make an easy to use script that people can run to make sure they have the correct settings without having to open up terminal and type commands.

What is the best way to go about this? Bash script? AppleScript? seems like there are several options but I’m not sure which is best.

from processing i launch many algorithms other peoples develop at work, i usually use bash to interact with them (may be it s a mistake but i always considered applescript more subject to change/diseapear)

i’m not very good for this kind of stuff, but i failed to interact properly with system directories from processing, for eg: /usr/local/lib/ you can read if a file is there from processing, but your app will not have rights to write there when launched from processing, making the dev of auto install part very heavy

for the dylib i had to integrate, i followed libray tutorial, and i compiled needed library code as a processing library, then the dylib is integrated to the app , but i guess it can be tricky depending on the library you need

i’m curious to hear the solution you choose