Window size of exported windows executable


I’m working in Processing 4.0b7.

When I export my program (file->export application) and choose Windows, the exported program works fine. However, the size of the window is larger than when I run the program from the script editor. It scales everything such that my images appear pixelated in the executable version. Any help is much appreciated. thanks!


can you post your code so someone can potentially see the error, thanks

I had the same issue. Exported from Processing 3 and worked fine.

for the record, here’s the difference of the window from withind IDE (right) and exported windows app (left):

void setup()
  size(300, 150);

void draw()

  text("test", 20, 30);

Im assuming its a bug or some scaling issue with version 4

Looks like it’s a pixel density issue: pixelDensity() not working in Windows applications · Issue #487 · processing/processing4 · GitHub

If you specify the renderer:

size(300, 150, P3D);

the issue is solved, both PDE and exported applications are fine.

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