Update Processing 3.5.4 to 4.3 window size

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I have an old program using processing 3.5.4. “Main window” size is 1500x1700 (background window) . This fits the PC screen, and all buttons fits.

When I upgrade to version 4.3 , only part of the “Main window” is visible and I can’t see some of the buttons.
Please advice

Loading the program (on same PC) looks like there is a Global scaling problem between 3.5.4 to 4.3.
4.3 looks to be larger and “overflow” out of the screen. all buttons and text looks bigger.
About 2x in width and 2x in height. Total of 4x magnification/scaling

Hello @meirbns,

This may help:

Give it a try!


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Hi glv,
Thanks for the reply. I tried this command it does not help.

Thanks !

Go into File > Preferences and try checking Disable HiDPI Scaling:

Close and restart the Processing software to see the changes.



Hi glv, thanks ! sorry for the late reply.

I tried the “HiDPI Scaling”, it affects the editing screen only. not the programed GUI window. The programed window is still twice the size as using the old version 3.5.4

It seems like there should be a separate ‘scale’ control for the already programed GUI window.

Thanks again.

You could try the pixelDensity() method. In setup add the line


immediately after the call to size(...) can’t be sure it will work but worth trying.


Thanks Quark,
I added pixelDensity(1); Unfortunately, It does not help.

Even changing in the desktop screen resolution from 3840x2160 to 1920x 1080 does not help with the 2x windows oversize on 4.3 version. ( of course it effects the whole screens appearance… beside the
programed window).

The only thing which brings the programed main window to its normal size (as v 3.5.4) is by
changing: desktop/setting/scale from 200% to 150% ( with all the penalties Ii have to pay on the laptop

My conclusion is that on 3.5.4 version, while running the program it calls for different sizing than on 4.3ver. actually 3.5.4 increases the scaling of the ruining program.
The correct one is v4.3. I will change the whole program to match 4.3 version. quit a work but I fill exhausted investing time on the differences between versions.
Thanks, and I really appreciate the help !