Will the monetization of Java kill processing?

Isn’t Java supposed to be code once run everywhere? So how are we supposed to do that if we have to pay for the JRE that packages a JVM?

Will this stop processing? I wonder if I am ever able to contribute to new libraries of processing, developed from the Java platform anymore.

Thoughts anyone?

Hi @Leon
Are you sure this is also applied for non-commercial use?

Where do you get the idea that you have to pay to package the JVM now? OpenJDK and Oracle JDK are now identical (they already have been pretty much for years now, but Oracle recently worked to open source any remaining bits). There are vendors all over the place you can now get a free JVM to ship with. AdoptOpenJDK being an obvious and neutral one - https://adoptopenjdk.net/

Processing 4 is already embedding OpenJDK as far as I know. Processing 3 works fine with it, as long as you ignore the very daft warning message!

EDIT - incidentally, if you want more information on all this, check out the Java is Still Free post from Java Champions - https://medium.com/@javachampions/java-is-still-free-2-0-0-6b9aa8d6d244

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Thanks for the responses and feedback. However, we are already seeing Oracle moving some very useful features out of the main distribution.

@noel (open) Java 11 is still free for non-commercial use. However, will they really consider processing (run by a foundation) to be free for use? Plus, openJDKs will now come in lighter and less functional than the closed ones. Don’t let the LTE fool you.

@neilcsmith JavaFX?

I don’t think you understand the point of open source licensing. It’s free for anyone to use for any use.

You do know that the truth is the exact opposite, right?!

Developing in the OpenJFX project better and faster than it has in years. Although I still have doubts about it.

What useful features do you think they’ve removed? They’ve just worked very hard to put stuff in the open distribution.