Anyone using Processing in Archlinux or Vim's plugin: Vim-processing?

Interested in learning a bit of processing, so just curious how well arch’s processing from the repository runs (since it uses openjdk), and also is anyone using this vim-processing for their vim? it hasn’t been updated in years it seems :frowning:

*lastly, what are some of the best books or materials you would recommend for a beginner?

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Processing works fine with openjdk8 on Archlinux, but not with openjdk11. If you want both installed you can use archlinux-java to switch between java versions. Currently sampottinger is working on making processing compatible with jdk11. For processing in ruby I have released a version of propane which is compiled and works with openjdk11 (or Oracle version). Propane sketches can be run from vim

:!jruby %
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It seems to work fine with java-10-openjdk too. I’ve done several projects with it.