Why does Processing take 10 seconds to load and run any sketch?

I have Processing 4 on my win 7 PC, every time i click “run” button on the sketch, it takes 8-10 seconds to load and pop up the window of canvas regardless of sketch’s complexity.

The drawing process is, on the other hand, quite fast and smooth even when there are thousands of objects.

How do I change the setting to reduce the sketch loading time to 1-2 seconds?

I can’t be sure but, if you are running Windows 7 you might consider installing a different version of Processing like P 3.5.4?

Best of luck.

I’ve tried P 3.5.4, and P 2.0, it still takes as long to load as Processing.4.

btw i know debug mode takes much longer to load sketch, I’m not running the debug mode.


The speed depends on several factors: RAM, CPU, graphics card, and the content of the temp folder

And also sketch applied to an application or not