Processing software not opening

I have downloaded processing software 1.5.1 but when I tried to open the exe file a message saying “The application requires at least java development kit (not jre) 1.5.0” is showing I have downloaded it nut its not working what to do now

Are you sure you have the java development kit? As it says, it needs not the default usual Java you get from Oracle’s website, but the developer kit thing.

Try installing this:

i downloaded both and also downloaded your software bu its nit working even now

I suggest you to check if JDK was installed correctly or not. This way we will know if it’s Processing acting up, or you didn’t install it correctly.
This random thing I found on the internet should help you with this:

Hmm. Does anyone know if Processing 1.x had an external Java dependency?

For some reason I had thought it bundled everything it needed.

What OS are you working with? Can you share the link where you downloaded Processing 1.5 from?


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