Which one is a quadratic equation?

A quadratic equation is a 2nd-degree equation, meaning it has at least one term that is equaled. A common form is ax ² + bx + c = 0, with a, b, and c being constants or mathematical coefficients and x being the unknown variable. An absolute rule is that the first constant, “a,” cannot be no.

The quadratic formula calculator is used to find the origin of the quadratic formula. This formula helps evaluate alternatives to quadratic equations that change the factorization method. If the quadratic formula does not have a real origin, the quadratic formula helps to find the imaginary origin of the formula. The square sutra is called Sridhar Acharya’s Sutra. In this post, you will find the quadratic formula, derivation, and proof of the quadratic formula with video lessons and solved examples.
Let’s find out what a quadratic equation is and how to solve a quadratic equation using the quadratic formula calculator.

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Is there a real question in your post or it’s just to share a particular resource on quadratic equations?


A couple of corrections to clarify semantics for other readers of your discussion

at least one term must be squared (raised to the power 2)

first constant, “a,” cannot be zero.

The Quadratic Formula Calculator site seems a bit basic especially when you read its claims. Perhaps it is still in its infancy :wink: I do suggest that the name ‘Quadratic Formula Solver’ would be more accurate.

The terms of service were interesting, especially the need to get permission to provide links to their website. I can’t see how they could enforce these conditions.

Nice site but hardly unique, a simple google for quadratic formula online solver gave me ~55 million hits. Even if only 0.1% were actual calculators that’s still 55000 sites to look at.

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