Where to start contributing in Processing Foundation

Hi, my name is Avinash Kumar and I’m a student from NSIT, majoring in Computer Science & Engineering.

I’m currently in 3rd Year (5th Semester). I am interested in making contributions to open source projects and am a Google Summer of Code 2022 Aspirant.

I have developed and android app for ‘NotesOnFire’ (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.avinash.notesonfire) which is live on playstore having a all time download of 400+ and daily active user of 100+, this is a notes application for our University.

I have also made many project on Java, Kotlin, Android, having good understanding of android architecture as well.

Please, let me provide a path to start contributing here.

Let’s connect:
LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/in/avinashbest/

Hi @avinashbest. Welcome to the community!
I don’t have specifics to the core Processing application but a few things you could do to get started:

  1. Test and debug a library or beta versions of P4 and submit bugs, etc.
  2. Fork the code to a Processing repository or library and work on bug fixes or features. Then submit pull requests.
  3. Test, enhance or debug the P4 modes, e.g. Python and Android.
  4. Create a library of your own that helps fill a weakness or need in the community.
  5. Contribute often to this forum and help people out.
  6. Create tutorials or code examples and share.

Good luck and have fun doing it!