【Help post】for an open source beginner

I saw this organisation on the Google Summer of Code and I was attracted by it immediately. I wish I can start my open source journey from here! But I have no idea how to start, can anyone give some advice?

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Thank you very much! :star_struck:

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Hi and welcome :wave:

There are many ways to contribute :slight_smile:

If you are into Javascript, I recommend looking at the p5.js Contributor Docs

Processing doesn’t have a similar documentation yet, but if you are more of a Java coder, you might want to check out open issues on the main repository:

There are also repos for other parts of the project like the Processing website, the sound library, the examples, etc. You can find them all on the Processing Foundation Github page:

Other ways to contribute include answering questions on the forums, organising a local event about Processing and p5.js, or simply telling people about the project :wink:

:feather: Cheers!

Raphaël de Courville
Processing Community Lead Fellow


much appreciated !:smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :star_struck:

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