Getting started with GSOC for processing-android

hello everyone,
I am Udaya Kumar a final year student from India. I have been working as an android developer for the past 2 years. I am excited to start contributing to processing, partly because I started my software career with the help of processing and scratch and it feels good to give something back to the community which helped me in the initial days of my software career. I hoping to become a long term contributor to this organization, hence so I am here and have been going through the code and documentation for the processing and processing-android projects. any kind of materials and tips to help me get started with the contribution would be greatly helpful. Also, I noticed that processing-android didn’t have any mentor assigned so could anyone inform me who should I contact or tag for issues and help related to the android module.


Have you looked at this one:
and this one:

You should read this one for contributing to processing:


Hi @udhay24, welcome to the forum.
I mostly work on Android doing IOT hobby projects.
Today I started uploading some widgets and utilities on github here
Over time I will upload more. Feel free to upload as well (and modify existing)


i just went through them i feel like they would be a really good starting point to me. i will start with creating similar widgets. thanks

thanks for the reply, yes i went through the mentioned articles and documentation and with the help of them i managed to set up the processing repository. but i am facing problems with processing-android project. i would like to know if it is

  1. standby module or a dependency for processing
  2. is it a pure java module or a android library module (sorry if it doesn’t make any sense , i come from a android background)