Where is the directory to save your .csv data?

where is the directory to save your .csv data?


There is no “special” directory where you need to save your .CSV data, however if you check the documentation of the saveTable() function, they say :

saveTable(table, "data/new.csv");

So it’s saving the file in the data folder but it’s in the sketch folder since paths are relative to it by default (where you have your code if you saved it somewhere).

You can also save it to an absolute path on your computer for example /home/bob/Documents/table.csv on Linux.

So for example you have this :

sketch               // -> The folder of your sketch
├── data
│   └── table.csv    // -> Your CSV file
└── sketch.pde      // -> Your code

1 directory, 2 files

Hope it helps! :wink:

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The data directory. If you don’t have it in your sketch files, make one in your sketch folder.