Where does saveTable save?

Does anybody know where save table saves?


By default it saves at sketchPath():

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but there is a data path preferred for processing use,
besides there is some nice trick that processing even look
into sketch path AND data path for reading,
THIS does not work for writing, so lets ignore that feature and make some clean code:

String infile = "data/myCSV.csv";  // make sure there is a /data/ sub-directory with that file
String outfile = "data/myNewCSV.csv"; // this even could create that sub-directory if not exists

Table table = loadTable(infile,"header");
//... work on it
saveTable(table, oufile);

now a more general answer to your question

Where does saveTable save

would be:
to the specified path/filename ( if have write access )
but again, best is to use the sketchpath/data/ directory

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