Location for .csv file to place

Hi, can anyone advise me where exactly to put the csv file in order for the sketch to work? I had tried create a data folder in the same folder location as my sketch folder and also try create the data folder with the sketch folder, it does do work. Red colour message : xxxx.csv does not exist or could not be read.


If you click “sketch” and then “add file” you can add the .csv file to the sketch folder. The sketch should be able to read the file without specifying the whole filepath. If this does not work, why don’t you post your code as a reply to this post (also, select the code and hit the </> button to format it when you do) and then we can look through it.
Good luck!

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Easiest way to add files to a sketch: Use the mouse to drag & drop the file into the PDE (Processing’s IDE). :sunglasses:

@Newcoder Another way… if you are using Processing java flavor: in the PDE, press ctrl+k and that should open a file browser in your sketch folder. Create the data folder in there and store all your external resources there.

All functions like loadBytes, LoadStrings, loadImage, etc. will look at this folder when loading this resources. You can look up this information in the Processing Foundation’s reference site.