Saving table files in android

I am not able to save table file in processing android.
I have microsoft exel on the mobile
I used this syntax - save(tablename,location);
I used location as data/table.csv
Thank you for the help

@Srihari === the code you are using is good for java, not for android. Why? because after compiling P5 puts your files in the asset folder (so the location is not the good one) - Then you have to know that files inside the asset folder cannot be neither modified nor saved. So what is the solution? - I can see 2 ways (at least…) to solve that: first solution (as for me the best one) is on setup() to open the “data.csv” file with getAssets() then to copy it to the internal storage directory; then when you load your data (the table) you load it from the copied file, then you make your changes (addRow…) and finally you save the file only with saveTable(“data.csv”); Second solution is more easy to understand but is not good if your table is very long:you firstly create a new file (empty) on setup() with the same name (“data.csv”); this file will be created in your internal storage; you create some boolean isEmpty = true; then you call “loadData” and add a conditionnal (if isEmpty…) and at this moment populate the empty table file; after that (at the end isEmpty is false) add some event: “on mouseReleased” for instance and when the event occurs modify the now populated file and save it same way than the first solution. Try to do that, put the code you are using and i ll put some snippet to help, if needed.