Where do you showcase your work?

Hi everyone,

I want to start sharing samples of my work and I don’t know which platform I should pick.
I am reaching out to the community to ask for your advice.

I would greatly appreciate if you could share the following:

  1. Which platform do you use?
  2. Why do you like this platform?
  3. What is it that you think the platform is bad at or could do better?

It would have to be a visual platform, like Tumblr (example: https://necessary-disorder.tumblr.com)

Thank you in advance,

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Hello @enniofranco
While I’m currently not showing my coding work on any of the platforms, I do look at the work of other creative coders on Instagram, of which there are many.
As well as on openprocessing.org.

If you #keyword your posts well, your work will be easily found by others. If you don’t add keywords to your descriptions your posts won’t be easily discoverable…
For example:
#processing #creativecode etc
Look at what keywords other coders are using to get more ideas. As you’ll notice, it’s better to use more — I would say start with at least 10.

Regarding openprocessing.org, if you want to show/share your code along with the visuals then that would be a good platform.

But of course you not are limited to a single venue. Experiment.
Try both! Or others and see which is most satisfying for you.

And remember, no matter which platform you choose, keywords, keywords, keywords. That is how your work will be found.
Good luck!


@enniofranco – what are you goals? Who are you trying to reach?

Deciding whether to post your work on a blog host like tumblr, or a professional portfolio homepage, or social media like Instagram YouTube TikTok etc. etc. etc… depends on who you are trying to reach. Network with fellow creatives, or fellow developers? Connect with friends and family? Build a fan base? Model things for your students? You might decide to do several.

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Welcome to the forum.
I have my art at my own website. Reason for it is mostly about control. And I can use google analytics. Website is run on WordPress and it is not that great with p5.js code. I haven’t studied all the options though and I have a hunch it can be made to work better with p5.js.

For social reach I use both Facebook and Twitter. I do short videos of my pieces that I use as showcases. I’m planning to set up accounts to patreon.com and ko-fi.com to see if there is a change to get some income from my work. That’s why I have obfuscated the javascript code.

If you’d interested here’s couple of latest ones. Sorry, I don’t currently have a landing page in English, only in Finnish

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Thank you, debxyz.
That is very helpful, specially about the tags.

I really didn’t think about it before.
It’s a really good question. Thank you for the help

Based on I’ve learned through this, I’m considering a structure like yours: having a website paired with social media.
I think I’ll start with social media (probably instagram for now) due to the low barrier but will have a look at Wordpress in the meantime.
I didn’t think about the integration of the p5.js before. It’s definitely something to consider.
Thank you for sharing that.