Tips for Sharing My Work on Different Machines

Hello Everyone,

I have been working on a project for the past several months and I am ready to show this version of it beyond just immediate friends and family. I don’t need coding help, I’m looking for people to actually test the functionality I’ve built to this point. I was curious to see how people in this community go about doing this.

I’ve honestly never reached this point in development for any of my projects so I’d love any ideas you all have had about sharing your work. Thank you all for the help.

have you tried github or openprocessing. Github is a repo manager and you just upload your sketch files and share those. Open processing is an online processing viewer and displays your sketch for people through their browser.

I have not tried either actually. I’ve used GitHub as a resource before but I’ve never put anything up on there. The open processing suggestion sounds like a great idea. I’m having a few minor issues with file transfer with some of the people that I’ve already sent this to so a web portal where they can just use the program sounds like an excellent idea.

Thank you for the help.