Good platform choice for teaching p5.js at women's hackathon?

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I’d love to get some insight from others about good tools/platform/environment to use when offering a p5.js workshop for a women’s hackathon. I’m particularly interested in teaching this as a “hackathon skill builder” workshop with the idea that participants can use material from my workshop to actually implement their projects/apps. I’m also very interested in there being as much of a 1:1 mapping between the p5.js documentation/reference and the code provided to the platform. The last criteria is it would be nice if there was an easy way for others to browse the sketches or webpages that get made by each participant much like a portfolio they can carry forward.

Thanks for any and all input!

The will do most of that. It’s p5, of course, but you can also edit the HTML/CSS; and you can share sketches. For the portfolio component – I suppose any point-and-click website builder will work?

I’m not sure if this is an online hackathon? For a live/collaborative environment, you might try

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Oh gosh, I didn’t see this reply. Thanks for the suggestions!!

Yea I agree the portfolio part could be accomplished by exporting finished products from the editor to the website builder. is the best bet in my opinion.

Thanks @StriveMath !

I recommend you to take a look at as well.
It is based on p5.js and is fully online.

There are tons of projects and materials for download.

All the best!