Gallery for sketches?

I enjoy browsing the great sketches that are posted at I’ll often look at the code for their sketches to figure out how they achieved their results. My native tongue is python, however, so figuring out the java is problematic for me. Is there a place I can go to see sketches and read code in python?


Hi @PawnMongo! Great question!


I would also recommend twitter. I have found some fairly active python coders who also share their code. Unfortunately I haven’t put them on a list for easy access. Code squeezed in a 280 character tweet adds an extra challenge and it’s quite amazing what people have managed still to do.
#dailycodingchallenge is an interesting tag that’s worth following. There’s rarely any code, but otherwise nice visual ideas.
With a quick search from my followings I found He’s published python code in his tweets. Sure worth looking for.