What’s new for Pi & ARM in

This point release mainly fixes embarrassing bugs that crept into the previous one. Here’s the build for ARM as well as our pre-configured Raspbian image. See our steps how to get started. Hope you enjoy!

  • P2D/P3D on Raspberry Pi was broken when using the default (“legacy”) driver
  • IO: Fix pinMode() retry logic
  • IO: Make I2C errors more descriptive
  • Java got updated to 8u181

That explains it, I was just going to post that I was getting better experience with the experimental
GL (Full KMS) OpenGL desktop driver with full KMS with the release. One thing I had noted that using the legacy driver, I end with two mouse cursors with opengl sketches which is a bit naff.

Arf, I’ve just downloaded & installed “jdk1.8.0_172” 1 weak ago! :astonished:
Well, time to do it all over again: :weary:

Sorry! Unfortunately Oracle changed their scheme in that all previous versions become inaccessible when a new one gets released. But since Processing comes with its own copy of the JRE, you should only need to install the JDK when you’re building Processing from source code.