What libraries do I need to install in order to use Processing effectively on a Macbook?

Hello, does anyone know what I would need to install in order to use a Kinect (either version) with Processing so I could draw the outlines of bodies etc? I’ve heard of ‘SimpleOpenNI’ which needs ‘OpenNI’ to be installed, but I’m really unsure of how to do that as every attempt I’ve made has failed. Unfortunately I only own a Macbook which I understand makes everything more difficult. I’ve installed ‘libfreenect’ using Homebrew and Terminal, but I’m not really sure exactly what it does. I can’t find a clear tutorial/explanation online of what I’d need to install and how to install different libraries.

Or, would it be possible to track bodies simply using a camera?

Here’s a link to the kind of stuff I’d like to explore:

Thanks in advance for any replies! :slight_smile:


You should be able to install and use libraries pretty easily if you go to

Sketch -> Import Library -> Add Library

If you search “libfreenect” there you will find Dan Shiffman’s library Open Kinect.

Hope this helps!