Unable to install library

im using the latest processing … and im a mac user im facing a few problems - my 'add library ’ tool does not work (not for open kinect , nor for other libs) so wen i downloaded open kinect from github and copied it in the lib folder. - https://github.com/shiffman/OpenKinect-for-Processing/releases I receive a wide range of errors in different examples.

mostly kinect/kinect2 class does not exist .

im assuming the name of the downloaded lib could have some naming issue . or the updated library may have diff class names … I went through the documentation and I don’t seem to be able to figure the prob. can anyone suggest what should i do ?

p.s. the kinect/sound/toxilibs lib were working fine before … recently i deleted all the libraries to investigate why the ‘add library’ tool would not work .

My Suggestion, if I were you, I would back up my sketch folder and rename it. Make a copy of your preferences.txt file (Find it by going to file>>preferences menu in the PDE) and remove it from that location. Then erased processing and start with a new version downloaded directly from the Processing foundation. Since you start with a brand new preference file and sketch folder, you will not have any library installed. Before installing any library, test processing is working by running any provided examples. Then check if you can add a library. If you can’t, please report this as a bug in Processing github.


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