Kinect and Processing

I am trying to use Porcessing with Kinect to product point cloud data… I followed Daniel Shiffman’s youtube tutorial and link to github with source code but unfortunately having some library troubles…
i have this error coming up:

“No library found for org.openkinect.processing
Libraries must be installed in a folder named ‘libraries’ inside the sketchbook folder (see the Preferences window).”

i know there’s a github link but which items exactly do i need to download? Please help, really been struggling…

(using Kinect v2 and Processing v3.3.6)

Best wishes,

you seems to didn’t have the library open kinect, which is available through the libraries manager of the IDE. To get it, go to :
Sketch > Import a library > Add a new library > a window will open, and here you can search “open kinect” , choose the one called “Open kinect for Processing” by D. Shiffman.

It says that it’s a macOS implementation, but works fine for me on Linux, I didn’t try on Windows, so I don’t know if it works…

Did you download the library as I said before ? You still seems don’t have it.


Thank you for your response and help. Indeed i did try to download that library before but realised eventually that the very issue was that it doesnt work for windows ! It’s okay, i figured a way - i just used a different library : )