Web editor version not working in China


I’m trying to teach a course using processing. However there is currently issues with accessing the web editor version in China, presumably due to governmental restrictions.

Has anyone encountered this and found a possible workaround for using the web editor in China? Have tried getting the student using Firefox browser as well as a Chinese browser. Or does the standalone p5.js need to be used?


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The Web Editor has the advantage of error checking and sketch hosting and also embedding.
It has a specific Github page here, where you can issue the fact.

You could try some front end playground. Test them to see what works / gets through, then link to p5.js using whatever CDN is permitted.

Here’s a CodePen example (that may or may not work for you). You can collapse the HTML/CSS panes if you want to focus exclusively on the JS.


Thanks, the front end playground seems like a good workaround too.

Incase anyone else encounters this problem, my solution was to download the processing software application/editor and switch from “Java” to “p5js” mode. This then runs the sketch in a new tab in the browser.

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