Helping a teacher with the Web Editor

Greetings from Brazil!

My name is Leo and I’m a teacher for an ONG that focuses in delivering STEAM education to poor children in my local region.

We’re planning to do some coding classes with them, and the easy of use of the p5.js certainly got our attention. Sadly, we cant always realy on internet access here.

We do have an internal websites with activities that students can access when the internet is down (wich is frequent occurrance). Is there any way I can integrate the p5.js Web Editor in our website?

I know there’s a github for the Web Editor, but I’m quite lost on what I should do to put the editor on our website.


Another option for p5.js is to install PDE on your local computers and have them use its p5.js mode for p5.js editing.

When they hit “Run” the edited sketch will pop up in a new browser tab.

For your other question, I would actually suggest opening an issue on the p5.js web editor github – briefly describe your situation / scenario and request that improved installation instructions be added to the web editor repo, showing you how to install it.

Making p5.js accessible to educators in your situation is part of the Processing core mission.


Hello! Thanks for your time and advice.

I published an issue on the p5.js we editor github, that can be found here:

Thanks again!

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