How to preview changes made in p5.js repository at ps.js web-editor at my localhost

Hi, I am new to p5.js I have encountered some problems while rendering some GIFs as it is giving “uncaught type error” in the p5.js web-editor console. I have a quick fix also and made some changes in the p5.js repository and want to preview. Will this fix work but, I can’t figure out how to preview my changes made on p5.js on web-editor at my localhost.

Do you want to run the web editor on your computer? If so here is the guide

I have to say it’s not simple especially if you’re not familiar with Unix. If you think this is not possible, you can always open an issue on the github repository above and suggest edits so someone else can test it!

Thanks, @micuat, for your reply, but I want to know how to open the editor of p5.js in the local copy to know the change that I made in P5.js repository is working or not.

oh I see. So you want to build your version of p5.js and load it on an editor (nothing to do with p5.js-editor in this case)

it is explained here

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Hi @micuat, thank you so much for your help, but as I am trying to run the editor at my localhost through ‘empty-examples’, it is throwing some error:

Steps followed:

Forked and clone
cd p5.js
npm install
npm run grunt (passed with no error)
cd lib
$ python -m http.server 8001 (to test the changes made in sketch)

Console error:


it is warning and not sure if that is actually a problem. can you run another example to test if p5js library is working because you are literally running an “empty” example?

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Yeah, it is running fine I was doing something wrong initially. Again thank you so much :pray: :pray: @micuat. Now I can run the editor all fine.

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