Virus Trojan Detection with Windows Defender Antivirus on core.jar file in Processing

Windows Defender Antivirus on Windows 10 is reporting a threat with the core.jar file in Processing 3.3.7 64-bit.
I get the same report on both my PCs with recent updates to signature files.

No threat reports for 32-bit version.

I have submitted this to Microsoft for analysis:

I have tested this file with a few on-line scanners and no reports of concern.

It may be a false positive.

I will use the 32-bit version for now.



Ticket open in GH:

Thxs for sharing and for taking action,


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From Ben Fry (a co-developer for Processing):
“It’s a false positive. Has been happening with recent releases, but it’s always reported as a different trojan. I submit the report each time but never receive any response from Microsoft.”
Source on Twitter:

I have “excluded” the core.jar file in Windows Defender using the 64-bit version.

The 32-bit version does not give a “false positive” and is available at:

Only Windows Defender reports this:


This happened to me :\ .

Windows Defender (with latest updates) no longer reports any issues.
It was a “false positive”.

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Thxs for the update. It is always very good to know P3 is not a nasty one :grimacing:


Hi there.
Windows Defender is blocking again Processing 4.0 alpha 2 (15 September 2020)

  • Win10 Ver 20H2 - OS build 19042.685
  • Microsoft defender antivirus (Upd: 13 dec 2020)


Same here!

Was fine for a while…


And again with the latest Processing 4.0 beta 1 (August 9, 2021)

It was fine for a few days…

I am getting this as of this morning:

It may be a false positive as it was before.

And again for Processing 4.0 beta 5 (February 4, 2022)

Damn it !