Virtual CC Fest - Jan 2021 - Want to help organize it? Offer a session?

hey folks,
starting to plan a virtual ccfest for Jan 2021. CC Fest, creative coding fest, is a coding event for students and teachers, Would love to see if folks are interested in helping organize or offer sessions. The plan this time around is to offer something more international and inclusive. Sessions in Simple English or in two languages, English/Spanish, etc. would be exciting to try. If this sounds interested please get in touch. You and your students, if you have any, are welcome to attend the event as well.

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I recently started a thread on the forum about existing/future processing community day in France : French Processing community day and how to get started

In fact I’ve been experimenting and creating with Processing over more than three years now and I would really like to be part on an event like this, maybe make a presentation or help to organize. Is there specific requirements or details you can provide about the event?

We can also get in touch in private messages.

Have a great day! :wink: