CC Fest SF on Oct 13 - Creative Coding Fest for Students and Teachers

#CCFestSF is on October 13, Saturday, at San Francisco Friends School. It will be a day of creative coding with students and teachers. The event is free, inclusive, and welcomes beginners. Details and RSVP is at

We are looking for organizers, session leaders, volunteers. Please get in touch with me at if they are interested or have questions.


I’ll be there - happy to help in any way I can.

I’m looking forward to meeting other folks from the forum if they live in the area or can come out!


I am super excited for this event, esp for the keynotes, Lark VCR and Amy Wibowo. Join us. Details and rsvp at

Now that the dust has settled… how did the event go?

Pretty good. Pictures are here -

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I think it went very well!

The keynote speakers were really engaging. As somebody who has trouble getting into capital-A Art, I appreciated how they made the “artistic side” of coding very accessible.

These events are a mix of CS teachers coming to teach creative coding, teachers there to learn about creative coding (to then teach it in their classes), and students with a pretty big age range, so it’s really fun to see the different knowledge levels and energy levels mixing together.

I’m coming at it from the other end: I’m a programmer, not a teacher (insert Star Trek reference here), so I always learn a lot about the teaching aspect of it. Hopefully I get a little better each time.

Kelly’s session was especially fun for me, and watching her teach it taught me a lot about teaching. (Say that 10 times fast.)

I definitely recommend any forum regulars check it out next time. It’s really fun to come up with a topic and then break it down into a single digestible unit, and meeting people in person is a really great experience.