Upload a whole project to the p5 web editor

I understand how to download a full project, but is there a way to upload an entire project?
I teach with P5.js and am exploring git education for collaboration and version control. I can’t find a graceful way to use git with projects in the P5.js.editor.


hi @ursula

looks like there is no answer from the p5.js team
so i want comment, even risking that you know more about p5.js as me.

-a- i also not know a way to upload full projects ( in batch form ) to the online editor.

-b- and in your situation it might look like a nice feature request
( but that not work via the forum, better ask here )

-c- but i think what you want to do, is actually not wanted…

  • the main product is the library

  • the online editor is a learning environment, not a free hoster
    so after develop there

    • you can download your project and
    • find/build your own server to host it

but actually they restricted it ( as far i know ) just by some file size limits.

-d- but i think for your working style there would be a environment
like GIT better, but with a possibility to run the pages there too.
and that is exactly what i am currently experimenting/learning on.

i am testing following:

  • make a account at GITLAB
  • do not start with a normal repository
  • make a online project using the page / gitlab way

++ i started just with this

  • but actually UNDER a new GROUP
  • pages / plane HTML template /
  • rename “myproject” to < myusername >.gitlab.io
  • CI/CD pipeline / Run pipeline
  • wait 30 min

and you get a hosted web page,
find online www.< group >.gitlab.io/myproject/

under the /public/ directory
edit index.html to be your MAIN page to link to your

  • sketch1.html / calling:
  • sketch1.js

( both copied from online editor / renamed )

– but you not have separate p5.js projects,
it’s repository is the whole web page code …

– you not have the online editor environment
( but can edit online the .html and .js files ( or upload the GIT way )
( and just refresh the webpage (after 15 sec ?) )

– sorry, i just start with that project so i not want to link you to it today,
just give you the idea. for me, working on a bigger tutorial, that
even looks better fitted as the online editor


I don’t believe that this feature exists – there is an open issue on the github repo that looks like it is part of long-term development. I might suggest chiming in there, possibly linking back to this discussion if relevant: